About Mabzi International

Mabzi is the first and the largest water product company in Pakistan. MABZI started its journey in 1983, being the pioneer in water purification and bottling in Pakistan. Mr. Mansoor Raza Zaidi, a power engineer by profession designed the first local water purification system. With hard work and determination the company was able to penetrate its message in a short span of time, “Water is life”.

Our Vision

“A Healthy Pakistan”

Our mission

“to make the people of Pakistan aware of the Water Contaminations and its effect on their lives”.

MABZI offers a combination of advance water treatment systems featuring ultra-violet sterilization, activated carbon absorption and micro-filtration. Our product range includes;

  • Electro Dialyzer
  • Desalination plants
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Mineral Water Plants
  • Deep Bed Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Drum Filters
  • Ion-Exchangers
  • Softeners
  • Demineralizers
  • Whole house Water Purifiers
  • Domestic Reverse Osmosis and Filtration Units
  • Adsorbers
  • Swimming pool equipments
  • Water treatment Chemicals and resins

  • Be it 2 gallons a minute or 750 million gallons a day, Call MABZI.

    MABZI also designs and manufactures custom made system engineered plants for specific applications. Our engineers have designed textile, aluminum, electro-plating water recycling units and electronic grade deionization systems.

    MABZI backs its products with exceptional service. This combination of innovative, high quality products and support exemplifies MABZI`s commitment to all its customers.


    Our Clients

    Diplomat Offices

    • Japan Consulate
    • British consulate
    • Indonesian Consulate
    • Consulate General of Sultanat of Oman
    • Consulate General of State of Palestine


    • O.M.I Hospital
    • P.N.S Shifa
    • CIVIL Hospital
    • Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center
    • Liaquat Hospital
    • P.I.A Hospital
    • K.P.T Hospital
    • Lady Diffurn Hospital
    • Karachi X- Rays
    • Akhtar Eye Hospital
    • Karachi National Hospital
    • Zainab Punjwani Hospital
    • Mother Care Hospital
    • DR. Ankle Sarai's eye Hospital
    • Islamic Mission Hospital
    • Ever Health Hospital
    • Nadeem Medical Center
    • AL-Ibrahim Eye Hospital
    • Masoomine Hospital


    • Dr.Hagi Haroon (Karachi X-Rays)
    • DR Khalid Rahim (O.M.I)
    • Dr.Sultan Farooq (Principal)
    • DR.Mehmood (Karachi X-Rays)
    • Dr Ghaffar Bello(Child Specialist)
    • DR Rehmatullah (Child Specialist)
    • DR Kishwar ( Mother care Hospital )
    • DR.Matin Akhtar
    • Dr.Ashraf
    • DR Saleem Hafiz
    • Dr.Afzal Ahmed
    • Dr waqar Alam
    • Dr.Aziz Ahmed
    • Mr. Mehar Chand
    • DR Jokhio ( Jokhio Clinic)
    • Dr.Siddiqui
    • Dr. Juzer
    • Mr.Faizullah
    • Dr. Majeed Memon